Medea, Historic Sorceress, Priestess of Hekate

Medea is just one of the most very well identified historical sorceresses there was. She was claimed to be a Priestess of the Goddess Hekate and had several different magical powers. She was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, granddaughter to Helios, the Sunlight God, and niece to Circe who was a very well recognized sorceress herself. The most renowned myth involving Medea, is that of Jason and the Argonauts.

In the fantasy, Jason, who is found as a heroic determine, comes to Colchis to assert his inheritance to the throne, and to assert the Golden Fleece. King Aeetes agreed to give him the fleece on the issue that he conduct a handful of tasks initially. When Medea noticed Jason she right away fell in love with him. She provided to help him with her magic to full the impossible duties her father laid out, only if he married her. Jason agreed and his 1st undertaking commenced. He experienced to plow a field with fireplace breathing oxen, and Medea gave him an unguent in which he anointed himself with, so as to protect his system from any damage of the fireplace. He completed that task, but he nevertheless had two much more to go, and Medea utilised her magical powers to help him each time. So when all was claimed and completed, Jason retained his assure to Medea, took his golden fleece and fled Colchis with Medea. They married and lived happily in Corinth with their two children for a whilst.

Till a single working day, King Creon provided Jason his daughters hand in marriage. Eager to be sure to the King, Jason acknowledged his offer you and still left Medea to marry Glauce, the Kings daughter. This enraged Medea and to look for revenge, she despatched Glauce a gorgeous bridal robe, covered in poison. The Kings daughter died and Medea then is said to get rid of her two youngsters from Jason, and fled Corinth in a chariot led by dragons despatched to her by her grandfather, Helios.

Afterwards in the fantasy, she is mentioned to have married Aegeus, an aged king of Athens, and bore him a son Medus, who was in line to inherit the throne. Although Aegeus didnt comprehend that he experienced one more son that he in no way understood of named, Theseus. Medea experimented with to poison Theseus when he arrived to battle for the throne, and when Aegeus realized he stopped it instantly. Medea then fled with her son Medus to a state in which Medus eventually turned king, and that region was later on referred to as Media.

I consider that in this myth, Medea becomes the sufferer of unfortunate circumstance. Getting fell deeply in adore with Jason, and willingly sacrificed almost everything, including her complete family members, to assist him so he could total the arduous tasks her father set out for him. Then fleeing her homeland to marry the man she cherished and have small children jointly, just to be betrayed and abandoned by him at the to start with mention of yet another lady. And as you can see from her actions previously in the fantasy, Medea is no stranger to getting revenge and utilizing her expertise as a good sorceress and witch, even if it is for evil needs. This exhibits her solid feminine and rebellious energy.

Also one thing I find intriguing, seeing that she is granddaughter to the Sunshine God Helios, and niece to Circe, a minor Goddess of magic, it would seem that it’s possible Medea would have some of that divine power within just herself as very well. Myth suggests that she practiced her magic under the steering of the Goddess Hekate, some even speculate that she was the daughter of Hekate. But there definitely is just not any mythological proof that this is legitimate.

This is a quote from the myth in which Medea phone calls on Hekate for help in her magic, “By the goddess I worship most of all, my picked helper Hecate, who dwells in the inner chamber of my home, none of them shall suffering my heart and smile at it! Bitter will I make their relationship, bitter Creon’s relationship-alliance, and bitter my banishment from the land!” (Euripides, Medea 400).

I hope you savored mastering the myth of Medea, Priestess of Hekate!

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