Indication of Early Death of the Father in Astrology

Some little ones grow up with fathers who are actively and positively involved in their lives. These fathers appreciate their small children, defend them, praise them, devote excellent time with them, play with them, educate them, and aid them in working the everyday living struggles.

On the other hand, some unlucky kids improve up with out the compassionate like and treatment of their father for the reason that of their early and premature demise.

Significator of father in astrology

· Sunshine significator of father

· 9th home/lord stands for father

· 4th/10th home/lord indicates longevity of father.

· Saturn is a natural significator of death


· Sunlight is poorly troubled /debilited /hammed by malefic, suggests critical setback or early demise of the father.

· Sun is posited in 5th /9th in a cruel sign suggests early loss of life of the father.

· Sun and Saturn placed in 12th and Weak/waning Moon posited in 7th early loss of life of the father is indicated.

· Mars and Sunlight placed collectively and aspected by Saturn suggests father will expire in just just one year of native’s delivery.

· Solar and Rahu posited eighth from the lord of 9th property without having having associated/aspected by a benefice indicates early loss of the father.

· Solar in 7th, Mars in 10th and Rahu in 12th longevity of father stay in doubt.

· Malefic planets positioned in 4th/ 6th/8th property from the ascendant/Solar suggest early reduction of the father.

· 10th house from the Ascendant /Sunshine is greatly afflicted signifies early loss of life of the father.

· Weak Sun in 5th indicates intense troubles faced by father.

· Sunlight is placed in 9th together with a malefic earth and the birth of the native is in the opening Mahadasa [major period] of the Sun, the father will die early.

9th residence /lord

· Rahu positioned in 9th, aspected by Sunshine/Mars/Saturn father will die in just couple weeks of native’s start.

· Ketu put in 4th/5th/9th property, indicated loss of life of father from an incurable condition.

· Rahu is posited in 9th dwelling, affiliated with an exalted world, and the indigenous born in the Mahadasa [major period] of that exalted earth, the early dying of the father is attainable.

· Placement of lord of 9th and Rahu is 6th/8th from just about every other, and the indigenous born in the opening Mahadasa of Rahu/lord of 9th signifies early demise of the father.

· Rahu/Ketu put in 9th household and the native was born in the opening Mahadasa of Rahu/Ketu, early loss of father is probable.

· Lord of 9th is posited in 9th together with Rahu and the native was born in the opening Mahadasa of Rahu, father will expire early.

4th/10th home

· 10th household from the Ascendant /Sun is intensely afflicted indicates early death of father

· Malefic planets put in 4th/10th/12th indicated early dying of both equally father or mother.

· Mars positioned in 10th in an inimical signal, early reduction of father is feasible.


· Saturn and Rahu placed in 12th and weak/waning Moon posited in 7th with out getting the factor of any benefice.

· Saturn posited in ascendant, Mars in 7th and Moon in 6th, father will expire early.

The posthumous baby [born after the death of the father]

· Rahu, Saturn and the Mars put together in any home, native will born following the dying of the father.

· Beginning in day-time and the Sunlight is aspected by the Mars or the birth is in evening-time and the Venus is remaining aspected by the Mars, implies demise of father just before the native’s beginning.

· Sun and Venus posited in moveable symptoms and aspected/involved with Mars, native will born just after the demise of the father.

· Birth in working day-time and the Saturn and Mars put collectively in a moveable indicator, the father will die in a foreign land before the delivery of the native.

· Rahu, Venus and the Saturn positioned alongside one another in 2nd house father will die just before the beginning of the indigenous.

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