A Good Rabbi Was Anxious That He May Have Sinned… How Did He React to Afflictions?

Whilst his flesh did not putrefy, even so Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Simon, however did not depend on his own view, as he was concerned that he may possibly have erred in one of his choices. He recognized afflictions on himself as atonement for his attainable sins. At night his attendants would unfold out sixty felt bed coverings for him. In the morning, inspite of the bed coverings, they would take out sixty basins of blood and pus from underneath him.

The next working day, i.e., just about every morning, his wife would prepare for him sixty styles of relish [lifda] created from figs, and he would eat them and turn into healthier. His wife, involved for his overall health, would not permit him to go to the review hall, so that the Rabbis would not press him beyond his restrictions.

In the evening, he would say to his pains: My brothers and my friends, arrive! In the early morning he would say to them: Go away, thanks to the neglect of Torah analyze that you induce me. Just one working day his wife heard him inviting his pains. She mentioned to him: You are bringing the pains upon your self. You have diminished the money of my father’s household because of to the expenditures of treating your self-imposed afflictions. She rebelled versus him and went back again to her father’s residence, and he was still left with no 1 to treatment for him.

Meanwhile, there were these sixty sailors who arrived and entered to visit Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Simon. They brought him sixty servants, each bearing sixty purses, and ready him sixty types of relish and he ate them. When they had encountered hassle at sea, these sailors experienced prayed to be saved in the benefit of Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Simon. Upon returning to dry land, they introduced him with these presents.

One particular day, the spouse of Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Simon, said to her daughter: Go and check on your father and see what he is executing now. The daughter arrived to her father, who said to her: Go and notify your mother that ours is bigger than theirs, i.e., my current monetary standing is bigger than that of your father’s home. He study the verse about himself: “She is like the merchant-ships she delivers her food items from afar” (Proverbs 31:14). As he was unhindered by his spouse from heading to the study hall, Rabbi Elazar, son of Rabbi Simon, ate and drank and became healthier and went out to the review hall (Bava Metzia 84b).

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