Top Malls Of UK

The malls of UK offer its visitors an invigorating experience. Along with providing essential utilities to people, these places are a source of entertainment too.The malls have multi-storied buildings with a net of twinkling lights and electronic escalators to facilitate people. All the major brands are under one roof from where people can buy the products they desire. The decorations are impeccable which range from multicolored posters and charming wall hangings to stunning floral arrangements and glass work. Some even contain a fountain which throws up a stream of water finally falling in tiny streaks which is a sight to watch.They have entertainment centers for the kids with enjoyable rides and swings ranging from motor rides, dragon rides to roller coasters and Air bender. Other attractions includes sea life aquarium which is a running tunnel that contains the whole aquatic experience at the sides. The sharks with their pointed faces come aiming towards you, the jellyfish swims alongside you and the tiny seahorses seem to welcome visitors by swimming around in their groups. There is a floor dedicated to food in the malls where you can get tasty meals from a restaurant of your choice. You can sit and relish a fine dining experience with your loved ones.

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