Top Insurance Companies Of UK

Insurance companies of UK aim to provide their citizens the best packages and schemes that can be helpful for them at times of hardships and distress. Along with providing indemnity to the people, they are a mighty source of business as well.UK has 3 companies that are among the top 10 insurance companies in the world; rated by market capitalization. They range from $48 billion to a booming $346 billion. These include health insurance companies as well as non-health insurance ones. Working under the umbrella of health, these companies thrive to aid people in paying for their medical expenses. It also includes insurances covering disability, custodial and nursing needs. Other field cannot be neglected too; there are companies that have been working for years to facilitate people in terms of causality insurance, accident insurance and asset management. Then there are some which give global life and farmers insurance, property insurance and pension plans while others strive to introduce savings policies and money-cutting solutions. Insurance programs also include rail transportation, energy, utilities and manufacturing.  Citizens of UK have been quite content with the expertise these companies offer. These setups provide an extensive employment arena and are contributing handsomely towards the GDP of their country.

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